The entire amount of your gift will impact humanID’s mission to create an anonymous, accountable, and accessible internet. Donor contributions will help to scale our product for protecting and securing over 100 million online domains and their customers and allow us to keep our mission alive, hiring and supporting the best talent. Our organization has been built on the dedication of over 100 volunteers since we started, and we want to retain and recruit the best team members by offering paid full-time positions. Your gift will help us grow and create a lasting and sustainable impact for humanID.

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The Foundation for a Human Internet Non Profit incorporated in New York State in 2022.

Foundation for a Human Internet

Real Voices Real Privacy: Together, We Can Restore the Internet

The Foundation for a Human Internet (FHI), an award-winning, open-source non-profit, strives to promote safer online communities. Guided by the principle, ‘One Human, One Voice,’ we extend undisputable rights into the digital world. We fight against big tech companies such as Facebook that prioritize profits over user safety, selling people’s data and privacy, and threatening our fundamental freedom of speech.

FHI is creating an internet for future generations, enforcing users’ rights to privacy while preventing abuse at the hands of the few. We reimagine an internet where users maintain anonymity while being held accountable. Together, we can restore the internet.

What is a Human Internet?

Our vision for an online community is modeled after the principle that defines democracies: one human, one voice; one user, one equal voice online. We believe in the potential for an internet that serves society—centered around human rights and free from the influence of fake accounts. This is a human internet. Restoring human voices with real privacy is the primary mission of the Foundation for a Human Internet. By making the internet a more democratic space, we can help it reach its full potential for communication, sharing of information and healthy debate.

There is a dire need to act now for a human internet. Fake news, surveillance states, and oppression of free speech continue to jeopardize democratic institutions and human lives. Big tech monopolization limits human power and enables polarizing misinformation. When fake accounts, coordinated bot networks, and misinformation dominate, a human internet is unattainable. We must ensure that humans—not malignant bots, wealthy elitists, governments, or corporations—are in charge. Together we can create an internet that works for us.