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Anonymous and Quick,
Only for Humans.


humanID is an anonymous, bot-resistant authentication for safer online communities.

Non-profit and open source, the project was started in 2022 by the Foundation for a Human Internet. With the help of Mozilla and Harvard, we’re on a mission to #FixTheInternet.


One Digital Identity per Human –
Anonymous and Accountable

User Lock, Bot protection

At humanID, we envision a social internet that serves businesses, users, innovators, and democracies. Imagine social media sites without predatory data collection, toxic algorithms and doxxing. Imagine a Facebook where real conversation takes place, a Twitter where facts prevail over fictions, a single, simple way to guarantee your privacy without having to juggle Authenticators and DuckDuckGos and Telegrams.

In short, imagine the real world online: private by default, with rules and accountability built on top of it by communities themselves.

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How It Works

Our open source technology creates one unique, non-reversible identifier for each website or application a user signs into.

These identities cannot be cross-referenced or traced back to the users identity. All Personal Identifiable Information is deleted from our servers immediately after verification, and never transferred to, or accessed by partner platforms. The risk of data leaks is thus minimized as much as possible.

humanID’s login is frictionless done in seconds – try it yourself!

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Awards and Recognition

harvard business school

Winner of the
Harvard Business School
Navab Social Impact
Fellowship Fund 2020.

mozilla builders

Winner of Mozilla Builders’ Open Lab Award 2020.

Harvard innovation lab

Semi-Finalist of Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge 2020.


Bastian Purrer

Bastian Purrer

Founder LYKE, CMO Homejoy,
CMO Zalora, Harvard Business School MBA

Shuyao Kong

Shuyao Kong

Blockchain expert,
formerly Brave, ConsenSys,
Harvard Business School MBA

Sidiq Permana

Sidiq Permana

Proven Entrepreneur, CEO
and Founder of

Namik Muduroglu

Namik Muduroglu

Global Shaper at World Economic Forum, B.S. Candidate at NYU Stern

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