humanID is the Independent Single Sign On, 
an anonymous identity layer for better communities online.

humanID is part of the Bluenumber Foundation a NY 501c3 non-profit providing user-controlled digital identities.


One-Click Anonymous Login.

For a Better Internet

Our vision is one digital identity per human 

that is both anonymous and accountable


humanID is a non-profit building tools for accountable online communities free of spam, abuse, and fake news. We believe the path to a safer internet is a user-centric digital identity system that is both accountable and anonymous.  


Partner with humanID to build a better internet

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Block spam and trolls while building accountability for users and content creators

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Protect your users privacy and prevent the sale of personal data 


Reduce friction with a seamless user experience and increased conversion rate

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Semi-Finalist, 2020 Harvard President's Innovation Challenge

Winner of the Navab Social Impact Fellowship Fund 2020


How we are different from existing social logins




Sidiq Permana

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Founder

Shuyao Kong

  • LinkedIn

Blockchain expert, formerly Brave, ConsenSys, Harvard Business School MBA

Bastian Purrer

  • LinkedIn

Founder LYKE, CMO Homejoy,

CMO Zalora, Harvard Business School

Adar Arnon

  • LinkedIn

Former Cybersecurity leader in the Israel Defense Force

Puvan J. Sulvanathan

  • LinkedIn

CEO & Founder Bluenumber, Former President United Nations Global Compact Network Malaysia

Ali Irawan

  • LinkedIn

CTO & Co-Founder,17+ years of software development

Mandy Zhang

  • LinkedIn

Harvard Business School, MBA

Impact Investing &

Social Enterprise expert


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