Why partner with humanID

More user accountability, less moderation cost

Privacy as a unique selling proposition

Superior user experience, creating higher revenues

  • Automatic blocks of spammers, trolls & extremists

  • Accountability for users, reviewers & content creators

  • Enforceability of user bans, paywalls, community rules, country-level restrictions

  • Significantly lower cost of content moderation & monitoring

  • Full GDPR/CCPA compliance with humanID

  • Safety from surveillance, data selling, hacks, and data leak

  • Independence from Facebook & Google - no more data abuse

  • Convenient and trustworthy sign up

  • No passwords, no CAPTCHAs, no separate app download

  • User data not stored with humanID

  • Higher conversion rates means higher revenues

  • Simple Tech Integration alongside the traditional Single Sign-ons


How to partner with humanID

Easy & Quick



in Marketing & User Management

Pricing covered

by cost savings

  • Implementation & SDKs are modeled after existing Social Sign Ons: a straightforward developer task

  • Find our SDKs for direct integration at github or reach out to developers@human-id.org for assistance

  • Browser-based & 'Similar Audience' targeting still available

  • Ask your users for data you really need - to share with you, not Facebook!

  • Users will engage more knowing they can't be identified & their data goes nowhere

  • We charge for hosting & the cost of verifying users

  • Cost comparable to or below in-house,  SMS-based login solutions. 

  • No risk model - you only pay for real users (cause we only let those in 😀) using humanID

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