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With a growing network and the use of unique hashes as identifiers,

we aim to ultimately guarantee the uniqueness of users 
without compromising anonymity and decentralized authority.

humanID - and all platforms using it - are save from phishing & password theft, due to its device-based login.

Neither Fingerprints nor Phone number are ever received or stored by the platforms’ or humanID’s databases





A non-reversible hash of the confirmed, unique phone number is stored in a decentralized database, inaccessible by governments & tech actors. 

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Platforms authenticate user across devices without requiring personal  data.

Massive Data hacks and sales are thereby categorically impossible - if a service gets hacked, hackers will not find any email addresses, passwords - or others identifier that can be used to access other platforms

Authorized Partner Platforms

humanID decentralized database provides platforms with a pseudonymous SubID unique by user AND platform

No inter-platform recognizability of users => no trading of individual user data

Use Cases:

  • Media & News Platforms,

  • E-commerce, Polling & Surveys

  • Social Networks, Instant Messengers

  • Payment & Wallet Providers

  • Voting & Government Services

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user remains logged in - one user per device

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